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Microwave Plasma Systems and Sources

Based on the best available microwave plasma technology, originally developed by ASTeX, Seki CVD reactors are used in both production and research applications for various purposes. With over 1,000,000 hours of operation logged at more than 200 sites, our microwave plasma technology is an attractive option for R&D scientists wishing to shorten their process development time and provide themselves with compatibility with other scientists and publications around the world.

Seki's unique, flexible reactor and patented microwave coupling design allow microwave processing at high pressure (>10 Torr), at medium pressure (100 mTorr with optional magnets), and at low pressure (<10 mTorr with optional magnet and optional streaming chamber). These CVD systems are used worldwide to grow various materials which include Carbon and related materials (Diamond, nanocrystalline diamond and carbon nanotubes, etc.) and non-carbon advanced materials GaN, SiC, etc. with recent addition of Gallium Oxide and Silicon wiskers. In particular, exploiting the unique and valuable properties of diamond, Seki microwave plasma CVD reactors are used for tool coatings, thermal management, Saw devices, etc. and for various new applications based on nanocrystalline diamond.

Product Line

Model AX5000/5200 + AX6300 (ECR)
Model AX5250/AX5400 (5 kW)
Model AX6550/6560
Model AX6600

Model AX5010

Some Results

— Highest CVD diamond
Model AX5000/AX5200
Model AX5400/AX5250
Model AX6550/6560
Model AX6600

— Advanced Materials
(i) Carbon Nanotube
(ii) Nanocrystalline Diamond
(iii) Silicon Carbonitride (Six,Cy,Nx)